You are because HE is

  Was your heart crushed by another’s words? Do you allow inability to control you? Do you walk with head down and eyes fixated on the ground? Does your heart cry more than it sings? Do you notice the good in others or just the imperfections? Do you have dreams Continue reading

So You Read It… Now What?

  So I wrote it, with the hand of God, and they read it. The ones God led to it, the ones seeking help for others, and yes… there was a third category; the ones who read it simply because someone said, “You Won’t Read This.” Abruptly we are yanked Continue reading

You Won’t Read This

  I had an epiphany today. Suddenly, I saw life in a whole new way. It was heartbreaking. It was not a great day… not even good. I sat in the doctor’s office, waiting. You know that anxious feeling when you know there is so much more you could be Continue reading

50 Things You Need To Tell Your Children

When my first grandkids were born I was given a gift that I hold very dear to my heart. Besides the precious miracles I held in my arms… it was a Grandmother book. In that book there were many questions of which I had to complete. To sum it up… Continue reading

Spring has Sprung; New Life is Here

  Ahhh spring has finally sprung! Isn’t it just great? Do you find yourself thinking about all of the exciting things you want to get outside and do? Camping, fishing, hiking, and oh yes… bonfires! Now is the time to start planning all the fun things you can do as Continue reading

What Does the Bible Say About Judging?

  “I don’t read, I just write,” said a friend of mine. I ask you, if we all took up that mindset, what would be the point of writing? I write, but before I write, I read. I do research all the time. The important thing about writing a blog Continue reading

Christian Alphabet

  It all starts with the alphabet. Think about that. As children, the world opens wide to us when we start to learn the alphabet. What was your first connection with the letter C? Was it cat? As soon as you saw the C you immediately thought cat. What if Continue reading

Prayer for Healing

  Do you or someone you know need healing? Whether it is a broken heart or a disease ravaged body, at some point we all need healing.  But, how do you get that healing? You turn to the all mighty Great Physician, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Here are a few Continue reading

The WOW Factor

WOW! Yes, there are some things in life that make you just exclaim, WOW! Many things hold that power, but sadly, it’s most often in the eye of the beholder. This past week, I had a couple of those WOW moments and I want to share with you. It’s important Continue reading

The Path of Worry

  Have you ever been so consumed with worrying over something that you lost all sight of the good in your life? Have you ever gotten to that point where you feel that’s who you’ve become, a worrier? Do you understand when you work yourself up to that person… the Continue reading